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Sunday School

9:45 to 10:45 AM


Vision Statement:

To transform lives through prayer and Biblical teaching;

To build relationships anchored in Christ.


Sunday School is not only an opportunity for Bible Study but it is an entry point for meeting new friends and interacting with a smaller group of people. Sunday School provides fellowship opportunities, a caring network for those in the group, and a framework for ministry opportunities.

Nursery, Preschoolers, Children and Youth Sunday School is age graded particularly through Grade 12.  Promotion Day is generally the last Sunday in August. In accord with the fact that children enter school based on the age they are on October 15, Nursery is ages Birth - 3.  Preschoolers 3-4 are assigned to class based on the age they are on October 15. Grades K-12 go by school grade. We strongly recommend that children who do not advance to next grade level in school not advance in church groups because as they grow older their church friends and school friends will not be the same grade. It is very difficult when you are in high school to be left behind when your church group graduates.

Adults are age graded. Age groups given for classes are to help newcomers have some idea of the folks who are in the group and who will be at the same stage in life and have similar likes and needs. Most classes are co-ed.